Photo by Lou Wen

Photo by Lou Wen


I work to make complexities tangible through material languages, which are inherent to my practice as designer. I use mappings, animations, installations, interactive softwares, film, sound performances and materialisations to unfold complexities in tangible form. Research interests commonly evolve around challenging modern consumer lifestyles, mass-productive industries and their systemic relation towards social, economic, political and environmental asymmetries.

In recent years, I have been able to apply my working methods around the fields of ICT manufacturing, e-waste processing, container shipping, Human Resource management, the food industry and urban consumer/market spaces.

Besides I have worked on commissions for exhibition designs, graphic visual research projects, curation and production assignments including structural installations and technical productions such as for the exhibition Collective Enunciation by designer Gabriel A. Maher, designer and social worker Roberto Pérez Gayo and multidisciplinary artist Carly Rose Bedford.

*Preferred Name: Kiki Mager [legal name: Isabel Mager]

* Pronouns: she/her/they/them

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Mager is holder of a Design Trust Seed Grant Hong Kong, received the Grant Programme for Talent Development by the Creative Industries Fund NL and was invited researcher and participant for the exhibition GEO–DESIGN: Alibaba. From Here To Your Home at Van Abbemuseum in 2018 and Salone del Mobile 2019. In 2017 Mager participated at the Checkpoints & Chokepoints ArtEZ Master pilot programme in Arnhem, presented as Global Graduate speaker at the Design Indaba festival (Cape Town, ZA) and was a collaborative grant holder with designer Gabriel A. Maher of the IASPIS international residency programme (Stockholm, SE). In 2016 Mager received a BA Cum Laude from the Man & Wellbeing department at the Design Academy Eindhoven and spoke at the symposium Intersectional Perspectives on Design, Politics and Power in Malmö (SE), hosted by the Decolonising Design collective, with whom Mager co-published the article 5000times – Exploitative mechanism within the design of smart high-tech devices.



Mager曾獲得荷蘭創意人才發展協會(Creative Industries Fund NL)頒發的卓越人才發展計畫補助(Talent Development)並同時在2018年獲邀以參展設計師與研究員的身份參與在荷蘭Van Abbemuseum博物館舉辦的展覽GEO–DESIGN: Alibaba. From Here To Your Home。在2017年,Mager獲邀參與在荷蘭ArtEZ的碩士先鋒藝術計劃(Checkpoints & Chokepoints Master pilot programme, NL),在南非開普敦設計節擔任代表全球畢業演講者(Design Indaba festival, ZA),同時與設計師Gabriel A. Maher 一同獲得在瑞典國際藝術駐村計劃IASPIS的藝術補助(Stockholm, SE)。Mager在2016年畢業於荷蘭安荷芬設計學院大學部(Design Academy Eindhoven)並榮獲最高榮譽獎Cum Laude,同時間在瑞典Malmö由Decolonising Design所策動關於設計、政治與權力的交會衝擊研討會(Intersectional Perspectives on Design, Politics and Power)上發表演說並透過Decolonising Design Journal發表了文章5000times – Mechanism behind the design of smart high-tech devices。